Mr. Tariq Sayeed, President SAARC CCI, participated in 4th China-South Asia Business Forum as a keynote speaker in inaugural session

5th June 2009 at Kunming, China
SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized “Roundtable on SAFTA: Prospects and Opportunities for Trade in Services” in Industry in collaboration with Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry supported by (Friedrich Naumann Foundation) in Thimphu, on 24th June 2009. Roundtable aimed at identifying the constraints of trade liberalization in South Asia, creating awareness about the need and highlighted advantages under trade in Services.
It brought together academic experts, business professionals, members of SAARC CCI with expertise and vast knowledge of SAFTA from all SAARC countries to share views in the open discussions Technical and practical aspects of the SAFTA Agreement were discussed at a length. The roundtable was followed by two Technical sessions addressing the themes of ‘Quantification of Benefits from Cooperation in Services under SAFTA’ and ‘Services & Growth: Scope of Integration for Small Economies’.

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