3rd SAARC CCI Young Entrepreneur’s Summit

Inspired by overwhelming success of the Ist and the 2nd South Asian Young Entrepreneurs Forum (SYEF) held in Kathmandu in 2012 and 2013, the SAARC Chamber of Commerce & industry (SAARC CCI) is organized the 3rd Edition of SYEF (Ist in Pakistan) on February 14-15, 2014 at Lahore- the socio-culture and commercial hub of Pakistan.

The 3rd SYEF was organized under the theme of “Youth in Asian Century: Making a Global Niche” in collaboration with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry(FPCCI), Lahore CCI and the Federations/National Chambers of South Asian countries in partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation: fur die freiheit, Regional Directorate, New Delhi, India.

The forum was an initiative to bring together young business professionals and leaders from various business sectors of South Asian countries and aims at fabricating a new league of young business leaders from the region that are equipped with the knowledge and ability to meet the challenges of the dynamic business world. The Forum is envisioned to tap on the resources, skills and experience of the members to interact and exchange ideas regularly, and help develop entrepreneurial skills to achieve personal and professional growth. It aims at providing access to a dynamic network of peers and corporate leaders on a regional level and, enabling youth to play an active role in the development of the South Asian region.

Hon’ble Ch. Muhammad Sarwar, Governor of Punjab has inaugurated the conference as Chief Guest of Forum. Engr. KhurramDastagir, Minister for Commerce & Textiles, Pakistan also grace the event as special guest and address the inaugural session. The inaugural session was also addressed by Mr. SaurabhJyoti, Chairman, SCYEF, Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, President, Mr. Iftikhar Ali Malik, Vice President (Pakistan), Mr. Tariq Sayeed, Former & Founder President, Mr. Annisul Huq, Immediate Former President, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Shrestha, Vice President (Nepal) and Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bader, Vice Chair, (Pakistan). The inaugural session concluded with Fashion show and dinner.

The second day of the conference was comprises of four session including the valedictory session. The session I“The Ideas that can Change the World” was chaired by Mr. SaurabhJyoti, Chairman SAARC Young Entrepreneurs Forum and were addressed by prominent speakers from the region including Mr. Korvi Rakshand, Founder, JAAGO Foundation, Bangladesh, Mr. SuhasGopinath, CEO & President, GlobalsITeS Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Ajay Pradhan, Former President, NYEF, (Nepal), Mr. Naveed Jan Baloch, Former Vice President FPCCI. The second session of the day “South Asian Young Entrepreneurs in 21st Century” was chaired by Zulfikar Ali Bader, Vice Chairman, SYEF(Pakistan) and were addressed by Ms. Kamila Siddiqi, CEO, Kaweyan Business Development Services (KBDS) Afghanistan, Mr. Bader Khushnud, Consultant- Google, Pakistan, Mr. Salim Ghauri , CEO, Netsol Technologies Limited, Mr. NaeemZamindar, CEO, Wateen Telecom- (Pakistan), Ms. Nadine Samarasinghe, Renowned Singe, Sri Lanka and Ms. Sadichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2010 from Nepal. The 3rd Session “Experience has no substitute: Leaders unleash Success their Stories” was chaired by Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, President SAARC CCI &Chairman Sun group, India and was addressed by Mr. Kosala Wikramanayake, Vice President, SAARC CCI ( Sri Lanka) &CEO, Kosala Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Tariq Sayeed, Founder and former President, SAARC CCI ( Pakistan ), Mr. Annisul Huq, Chairman Mohammadi Group (Dhaka) and Immediate former President, SAARC CCI & Mr. Iqbal Tabish, Secretary General, SAARC CCI.

The valedictory session of the conference was chaired Senator Jehangir Bader, Politician, People’s Partyof Pakistan and was addressed by Mr. Ibrarul Huq, Chairman, Youth Parliament of Pakistan, Mr. AnupSoni, famous TV Anchor, India and Ms. JuhiBabbar- Bollywood Film Actress, India.

The conference succeeded in bringing the huge participation of youth from Pakistan and across the region. The conference concluded with gala dinner hosted by Federation of Pakistan chambers of Commerce & Industry.

Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, President SAARC CCI presenting
SAARC CCI official crest to Hon’ble Ch. Muhammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab, Pakistan

Hon’ble Governer of Punjab, Pakistan, Ch. Muhammad Sarwar,
while delivering his key note address

Mr. Vikramjit Sahney, President, SAARC CCI, Hon’ble Governer of Punjab,
CH Muhammad Sarwar, Hon’ble Federal Minister for Commerce Engineer Khurram Dastagir,
Mr. Tariq Sayeed, Founder and Former President of SAARC CCI.

Mr. Annisul Huq, Immediate former President,
SAARC CCI while delivering his inaugural speech.

Saurav Jyoti,
Chairman SYEF

Mr. Kosala Wickramanayke,
Vice President, SAARC CCI (Sri Lanka).

Mr. Khurram Sayeed,
Vice President, FPCCI

Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bader,
Vice Chairman, SYEF (Pakistan).

Mr. Vikramjit S. Sahney, President, SAARC CCI presenting SAARC CCI official crest
Hon’ble Khurram Dastagir, Federal Minister for Commerce,
Govt of Pakistan in presence of (L-R) Mr. Iftikhar Ali Malik, Vice President,
SAARC CCI(Pakistan) and Mr. Saurav Jyoti, Chairman SYEF.

Senator Jehangir Bader, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan,
Mr. Ibrar Ul Huq, Chairman Youth Parliament, Pakistan.

Hon’able Madhukar S.J.B. Rana
Former Finance Minister, Govt of Nepal.

Ms Juhi Babbar,
Bollywood Film Actress, India

Mr. Naveed Baloch,
Former Vice President, FPCCI

Mr. Anup Soni,
famous TV Anchor, India

Mr. Korvi Rakshand, Founder Member, Jagoo Foundation (Bangladesh) and
Mr. Suhas Gopinath, CEO , Global Incorporation (India).

Group photo’s of Youth participated in Youth Conference

Group photo’s of Youth participated in Youth Conference

Group photo’s of Youth participated in Youth Conference

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