Opening of SAARC CCI first Sub-Office in Colombo

Pursuing to decision of the General Assembly Meeting and one of the important organ of the Mr. Suraj Vaidya, core initiatives, SAARC CCI opened its first Sub-office in Colombo in premises of Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry Sri Lanka. 

Mr. Suraj Vaidya, President, SAARC CCI inaugurated the sub office in Colombo on 5th June, 2016.  Mr.  Ajith Wattuhewa, Senior Vice President, Mr. Jalaluddin Saeed, EC Member (Afghanistan), Mr. Rajeev Chadda, GA Member (India), Mr. Zubair Ahmed Malik, EC Member (Pakistan), Mr. Zulfiqar Butt, Deputy Secretary General, Mr. bader Munir, Deputy Secretary, Mr. Imran Ali, Research Associate, Mr. Ajith Perera, SG, FCCISL, Mr. Sarath Kahapalarachchi, President, FCCISL were present at the occasion.

Mr. Suraj Vaidya, President, SAARC CCI while inagurating the sub office in Colombo.

While exchanging his views Mr. Vaidya congratulated President, FCCISL on opening first sub office of SAARC CCI. He said that notion behind opening these sub office was to strengthen SAARC CCI through enhance the capacity and outreach of the secretariat across the region.  The sub offices shall to help SAARC CCI to brand itself as the true representative body of private sector, in the South Asian region.

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