The SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been actively engaged to activate, develop and strengthen the business relationships between the South Asian entrepreneurs and businesspersons. SAARC CCI through its regular events and exclusive B2B forums provides opportunity to exchange information, experiences and opportunities for all attendees. The B2B forum allow the businesspersons to make exclusive and directed contact with each other, to expand their volume of business and move forward their enterprises.

The purpose of these B2B forums is to enable direct business contacts and commercial discussions among the businessperson of South Asian nations.  As the multiple opportunities of meeting, developing and building relationships are of core importance to us, we want to stimulate mutual business interests among the private sector of the South Asia.

Our aim is to provide less formal business presentations and avail direct contacts between business people. The B2B services  offers all participants multiple opportunities to meet potential business partners, build new relationships and expand their partnerships and subcontract networks essential for expansion in region. Round-table discussions, business presentations, international trade fairs, one-to-one meetings, exhibitions and arranging visits to the local businesses by SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have been building a direct connection between businesses and their specific needs and requirements.

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