Research and Development

The objectives of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries entails that SAARC CCI shall strive "To promote the exchange of commercial, technical, industrial management and scientific information, education and know-how amongst its members" and "To collate, collect and disseminate statistical data and joint research and development among the SAARC Member Countries". The R&D at SAARC CCI acts as the think tank and advocacy arm of the SAARC CCI ;conducting research on regional socio economic issues aimed at advocating the regional integration of South Asia and is the premier contributor of policy advocacy, trade, investment, productivity for sustainable economic development of SAARC.

Research and Development department in SAARC CCI is active to help business community in meeting their day to day needs through providing updated analysis and information regarding commercial and economic policies of their countries. This department liaisons government and international agencies in order to get consultations regarding important national and international policy matters which could directly or indirectly affect business, trade and industry in the region.

The R & D Department provides latest useful information, effective guidance and futuristic vision to the business community and the government by way of:

1. Collecting and collecting socio economic statistical data of the South Asian member countries; and act as one stop shop for the dissemination of this rare statistical data set extensively being used by researchers, academia, think tanks, and other relevant stakeholders.
2. The R&D at SAARC CCI frequently publishes bulletins, policy briefs, policy and briefing papers pertinent to regional integration of SAARC.
3. The R&D maintains the SAARC Investment Outlook, the investment guide book South Asia; aimed at showcasing the investment potential of South Asia.
4. The R&D at SAARC CCI is engaged in the policy advocacy activities via bulletins, preparation of recommendations to the Committees of Experts of South Asia, newspaper articles etc.

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