100 Days of Unleashing South Asia

A program was organized by Honorable President SAARC CCI Mr. Suraj Vaidya to mark completion of 100 days by the new presidium and Executive Committee of SAARC CCI of the term 2015-17 titled “Unleashing South Asia. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vaidya said that the world should come out of illusion that SAARC is all about two or three countries.

He maintained that such illusion is hindering trade among SAARC member countries as well as SAARC’s international trade. The Honorable President SAARC CCI emphasized the need to remove this misconception. “SAARC CCI will work to remove this incorrect conception about SAARC” he opined. He also said that SAARC CCI was preparing to raise the issue in future dialogues in the US A and the United Nations.

(R-L) President Suraj Vaidya  and Mr. Mr. Om Bahadur RajBhandari, Vice President SAARC CCI Nepal Chapter the event marking the completion of 100 days of Suraj’s Presidency of SAARC CCI.

While appraising his vision of Unleashing SAARC Mr. Vaidya said that SAARC CCI is launching ‘Beyond SAARC’ campaign in the near future with an aim to bring foreign investment to SAARC countries. He also highlighted the need to increase regional investment, promote industrialization, and develop smart green villages and youth entrepreneurship to enhance economy of the region.

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