SAARC CCI Press Release 2012

SG‐SAARC CCI honoured 26 Dec 2012
“Demise of Bashir Bilour is a great loss to the Nation”‐ Mr. Tariq Sayeed, VP CACCI & Former President SAARC CCI 24 Dec 2012
SAARC CCI urges integrated approach to foster Energy cooperation in South Asia 27 Nov 2012
SAARC CCI Seminar on Energy in New Delhi 22 Nov 2012
Improved Indo‐Pak Trade to boost Morale of South Asia ‐ SAARC CCI 20 Sep 2012
SCCI hails GoI for allowing Investment from Pakistan 02 Aug 2012
“Quality products complying standards can quantify S. Asian exports in Global Market” - SG-SAARC CCI 18 Jul 2012
SAARC CCI Conference on Trade Facilitation in South Asia - NTBs deter intra- SAARC Trade: G.L. Peiris 16 Jul 2012
Sri Lankan External Affirs Minister to inaugurate SAARC CCI Seminar on Trade Facilitation in Colombo 11 Jul 2012
3rd south Asia-Sichuan Business Promotion Seminar today in Chengdu 07 Jun 2012
“Continued dialogues to help foster Indo-Pakistan relations” - President SAARC CCI applauds
Interior Secretary Talks
28 May 2012
SAARC CCI conference on Climate Change and Energy Cooperation - Governments to revisit policies to address challenges 30 Apr 2012
“Shared vision and collaborative efforts to mitigate climate change impact” PM Bhutan SARRC CCI demands creation of Climate Change Fund for environment protection 23 Apr 2012
ICP to Foster Indo-Pak Trade Manifold- SAARC CCI 13 Apr 2012
Indo-Pakistan relations Private Sector gears up to keep pace with political development 11 Apr 2012
Indo-Pakistan Trade CII, FPCCI &SAARC CCI join hands to foster Cooperation 16 Mar 2012
7th Meeting of Group of Experts on SAFTA 16 Feb 2012
Indian Commerce Minister visit to commence
new era of Relationship ‐ SAARC CCI
13 Feb 2012
SAARC CCI succession ceremony Shares vision and mutual cooperation needed to tap South Asian Potential: Anand Sharma 26 Jan 2012
Mr. Annisul Huq has handed over SAARC CCI Presidency to Mr. Vikramjit S. Sahney. 24 Jan 2012
Degradation of student politics frustrates youths
SAARC CCI Convention of South Asian youths
10 Jan 2012

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